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Below are the results of the poll

Dash Community's Favorite

Ninety-eight Dash community members have participated in the poll.

Collectively they rated 2476 times.

As a result of these ratings, both ‘Dashnet‘ and ‘Evolution‘ became the two main contenders and were rated 43 and 34 times respectively.

With a sum of 156, ‘Dashnet‘ has received an average rating of 3.62.

Evolution‘, with a total of 121 stars, is rated 3.55.

This makes ‘Dashnet‘ the community’s favorite, directly followed by ‘Evolution‘.

See the gallery below for the remaining results.

Note: The result of this poll represents the opinion of the Dash community and as agreed, will be taken into consideration by Dash Core Group when determining the final name.

Late Submissions

The following name suggestions have been submitted past the contest deadline, but are definitely noteworthy. 

Dash Forest (by Strophy)
Dash Forest builds on the story of how GroveDB was named and allows for myriad dendrological metaphors such as leaves, roots, trees, etc. to thematically describe DAPI, BLS, masternodes and other Dash network concepts.

Network traffic can be visualised as streams flowing through the forest, quorums as a mysterious mycorrhizal network of fungi, and more complex concepts like the budget system described visually in animations showing how trees sometimes pool resources for the common good.

It sets a tone for visual communication in the same way that has been proven successful by Thorchain and Secret Network, with their different node classes from Nordic mythology or “secret agent” themed communication style.

Last but not least, Dash Forest relates to Evolution, the ‘Tree Of Life’ and it’s famous tree structure that branches into an ever growing variety of applications.

Dash Aerie (by DocAgnew)
Aerie = Eagle’s Nest.

Evomotion (by DocAgnew)
From Evolution to Evomotion, Dash takes you there.

Daship (by MAX)
Short, unique and original, yet cool. It goes in in vein of the naming using abbreviations. In this case: Digital Cash Internet Platform. Evokes associations in English language: Leadership, membership, sportsmanship, etc. Ship – huge structure that carries its own autonomy and environment afloat of sea world. Ship – delivers something.

DashOS (referred to by fuzzyduck)
Simple, compact and says pretty much what platform is all about. Variation: DashNetOS. 

Dash Alias (by nerdmoney)
Autonomous Linked Identity As a Service. Or, Autonomous Linked Identity Assets & Storage.

Dash Aurora (by nerdmoney)
Decentralized Cloud Services.

BloomingField (by Macrochip)
No “Dash” in front. Just like Ethereum calls their protocol upgrades (Homestead, Byzantium, Constantinople). Refers to the idea of many dApps growing out of it. Nothing techy, nothing fancy and not generic.

Overall Results

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