Welcome to the 2nd DashWorks Contest (June 2021)

Good news, this month the Prize Fund cap has been raised to 1 DASH.

See the ticker at Prizes to get a real time update on the current funding status.

Please pay special attention to rules regarding logos and trademarks.

Check the resources page for Dash logos, brand style guide and inspiration.

This month's upload period has ended

The contest has now entered the voting stage and upload has therefore been disabled.

In the meantime, consider voting on the Dash artwork of this months contest.

To vote, go to dashcontests.com/dashworks, read the guidelines and cast your vote.

The next DashWorks contest will be announced on Twitter at @dashcontests

If you want to create Dash artwork but you are unfamiliar with what Dash is, how it works and how it’s different and in many ways better than other cryptocurrencies, it might be a good idea to learn more about Dash before you make your first Dash art.

An easy-to-understand introduction to Dash is the YouTube series Dash School

For more information on Dash, go to dash.org 



The size of the rewards depends on contributions made by the community.

Total Prize Fund for this month is capped at 1 DASH.

This month’s total Prize Fund is 1 DASH.

Rewards are:

1st PLACE:    0.6 DASH
2nd PLACE:   0.3 DASH
3rd PLACE:   0.1 DASH

Ticker for total Prize Fund so far:

Prize Fund distribution:

This month’s total Prize Fund is 0.3 DASH.

Rewards are:

1st PLACE:    0.18 DASH
2nd PLACE:   0.09 DASH
3rd PLACE:   0.03 DASH

This month’s contest is made possible by contributions from the Dash community.

Oleg (@OlegMsk77)
Stan (@stan_distortion)
Sven (@telsr)

Vincenzo (@bellogradoV)
Николай (@ukraineoffender)
BlockchainBRI (@BuyWithDash)
James Doe

and all anonymous contributors


Rules, Terms and Conditions

Your artwork must be Dash related.
Text used in your artwork can be in the language you prefer.
The uploaded artwork is new and has not been submitted to DashWorks before.

No NSFW content, keep it family-friendly.

The submitted artwork must be an original work and does not contain logos, trademarks (other than Dash) or infringe on copyrights.

Artwork must be submitted BEFORE June 27, 5AM GMT.

Entries will be reviewed in accordance with these rules, and will be added to the upcoming contest if approved.

When the voting period ends, the top 3 artists with the highest ratings, will be ranked first to third place winners. You can therefore only be awarded once per contest.

In case multiple winners receive the same amount of votes, prizes will be combined and then divided equally

DashWorks is made possible by

Funding of concept development.

Dash Incubator

Propose ideas, improve the Dash network and earn rewards.

Funded from a Dash blockchain proposal and focused on developing tools, infrastructure and Dapps for Dash’s Evolution upgrade, any kind of work that aligns with our strategy can be incentivized, and worked on together with full transparency.

Whether you want to propose ideas, develop code, manage & promote projects, or improve the Incubator app itself, check the bounties at the Trello Incubator board or join the Dash Devs Discord server to chat with like-minded people in the #dash-incubator channel.

Organizing and ensuring the contest’s continuation on a non-profit and voluntary basis.

Making Dash art himself, Doeke had set out to organize a contest that enables Dash enthusiasts to not only show their artwork to the community, but also provide the ability to win prizes and be rewarded for their work.

To help support his efforts, go to cointr.ee/doeke and consider making a donation.

By contributions and donations.