Due to voting-anomalies, the DashWorks Voting has been halted.

In the spirit of fair competition, a RE-vote using a registered voting system will be announced shortly.

The voting period ends on Wednesday, June 30, at 5AM GMT.

Please read the Voting Terms, Guidelines and Instructions, and use the Voting Gallery to cast your votes.

The voting period has ended

Below are the winners of DashWorks contest May 2021.
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Note from the organizer:
Thanks everyone for contributing, participating, voting and supporting this contest!
I hope to see you all in next month’s contest (soon to be announced).



The voting period for the DashWorks Contest has ended.

Winners will be announced shortly.

Digital money that's better than Cash


Dash offers global financial freedom to everyone. It provides instant transactions with micro fees.

It’s secure, immediately re-spendable, and most of all, it’s easy to use.

Voting Terms and Guidelines

Please focus on ideas and originality and judge less on aesthetics.
You can vote for the same artwork once.
Artists can vote on their own artwork, and friends and family are welcome to help out.
You have a total of 5 votes/stars per contest. Please use them all.

Be respectful and vote with discretion.

Dash Contests reserves the right to disqualify any entrant and/or winner that grossly disrespects the term as described above.


Click an image in the gallery below.

Use the star rating system in the bottom left to cast your votes.

If needed, click the undo button to retract your vote.

Scroll up and down to see or vote on other artwork. 

This month’s Prize Funding comes from contributions made by the Dash community.

Oleg (@OlegMsk77)
Stan (@stan_distortion)
Sven (@telsr)

Vincenzo (@bellogradoV)
Николай (@ukraineoffender)
BlockchainBRI (@BuyWithDash)
James Doe

and all anonymous contributors


DashWorks is made possible by

Funding of concept development.

Dash Incubator

Propose ideas, improve the Dash network and earn rewards.

Funded from a Dash blockchain proposal and focused on developing tools, infrastructure and Dapps for Dash’s Evolution upgrade, any kind of work that aligns with our strategy can be incentivized, and worked on together with full transparency.

Whether you want to propose ideas, develop code, manage & promote projects, or improve the Incubator app itself, check the bounties at the Trello Incubator board or join the Dash Devs Discord server to chat with like-minded people in the #dash-incubator channel.

Organizing and ensuring the contest’s continuation on a non-profit and voluntary basis.

Making Dash art himself, Doeke had set out to organize a contest that enables Dash enthusiasts to not only show their artwork to the community, but also provide the ability to win prizes and be rewarded for their work.

To help support his efforts, go to cointr.ee/doeke and consider making a donation.

By contributions and donations.